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    Iconic Rapper of Brixton, Bellzey Drops New Music Video “I Tried”

    Following the release of his highly anticipated mixtape ‘Live And You Learn’ UK rap legend Bellzey shows us exactly why he has gained such a reputation for creating meaningful and lyrical bangers with ‘I Tried’.

    Recently hitting 2 million views on YouTube with ‘What’s Gwarning’ featuring Ard Adz, Bellzey celebrates with a new video that shows him looking introspectively at his life. I Tried’ shows Bellzey displaying his natural talent, using a captivating flow to put across a strong message with his lyrics. This is backed by a strong hook from MDXP, who talks messages about the struggle of earning success and the fears of failure.

    “I Tried” reminds us exactly why Bellzey is one of the most iconic rappers in the Brixton rap scene, with an exciting beef with Sneakbo at the beginning of the year, he is becoming synonymous with saying it how it is and keeping the real in rap.

    Watch the music above and in other music news:


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