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    Ice Spice Shares Her $2 Million Pay Day With Fans

    While they say there’s no such thing as an overnight success, some artists prove that notion wrong. Having only been in the entertainment business for a hot minute, drill rapper Ice Spice has been climbing that ladder of success at an exceeding rate. Ever since dropping her single “Munch (Feelin’ U)” she’s gone viral. Currently, the song has garnished in 17 million views on YouTube and 21 streams on Spotify. Even better, she’s started making a real fortune from the song alone. In fact, the newcomer has racked up a $2 million-dollar pay day. Now she’s sharing her newfound wealth with fans.

                Ice Spice Brings Home The Bacon

    Ice Spice has made her presence known in the rap industry and everyone has welcomed her with open arms. Furthermore, the Bronx native has just about everyone tuning into her music, especially her breakout track “Munch (Feelin’ U).” The woman has the juice for sure. Moreover, Ice Spice revealed on YouTube that she’s made $2 million from the hit single so far.

    After dropping her new track “Bikikini Bottom,” Ice Spice posted her hefty paycheck amount and even shared some good news with fans. “I got 2 milli for using a mic b!tch everyone reply your cash tags im giving away some money,” she wrote in the comments section. Clearly, Ice Spice is off to a good start with her career.

                Everyone Wants To Hop On Her Hit Song

    In addition to being a millionaire at age 22, Ice Spice has managed to have the entire rap community backing her. Her hit song has become so popular that even several HipHop stars have took a stab at doing their own version of the track. Joe Budden, Symba, Meek Mill and even Cardi B have done song covers for “Much (Feelin’ U).” Even Lil Nas X dressed as the New York rapper for Halloween this year. Additionally, she received a co-sign from Drake. Clearly, everyone wants a piece of Ms. Ice Spice.


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