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    Ice Spice Leaked Meme Clowning Rapper on Social Media

    People are clowning rapper Ice Spice on Twitter with leaked meme after meme!



    Some are even going as far as to say she is not a legitimate rapper at all! The same goes for TikTok.


    Idk who started the memes #meme #icespice fake body #trending

    ♬ Tell yo psy nga come outside – givesoulmusicatry


    Me personally im not letting this slide #icespice #memes #youthoughtiwasfeelingyou

    ♬ Munch (Feelin’ U) – Ice Spice


    Some might go so far as to argue that #IceSpice’s growing popularity is simply an excuse to point and laugh at red-headed friends!

    On YouTube, some content creators seem to imply that the artist’s appeal is mainly a result to her appearance and choice dance moves.

    Apparently, it’s even a challenge to comment on how “Ice Spice got 1 emote”.

    Hopefully, #IceSpice can pull through! If she’s a real rapper, the world will know soon enough! What do you think? Let us know with a comment.


    1. Well, at the very least, she garnished a whole lot of attention for herself.
      Perhaps that was simply her goal from the get go?
      Gingers unite!

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