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    Ice Cube Wants Warner Bros. To Surrender Rights To Friday

    Ice Cube was on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson recently.

    While they chatted, they ended up ultimately diving into how Ice Cube himself does not own the rights to Friday. Vanity reports, “It’s my movie, but they have distribution control.”

    Ice Cube would like to create a fourth installment in the Friday franchise, but Warner Bros. refuses to give him his rights’ back! And Ice Cube isn’t buying them back, either!

    Lessons Learned From The Industry

    Ice Cube says his favorite movie is Straight Out of Compton. The 2015 movie was distributed by Universal Pictures. The film surely taught Cube a thing or two about how it is in the film industry! Coincidentally, the flick is all about Cube’s childhood, which Ice Cube says was the most difficult obstacle he has had to overcome in his life!


    1. I agree with Ice Cube that for many folks, their childhood is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

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