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    I Tried The Pilates 100. Here’s How It Went.

        The Pilates 100 are supposed to be epically good for you and your abs. In the words of Kit Rich, a Pilates trainer interviewed by Self magazine, “The Pilates 100 helps to strengthen and sculpt the abs because it helps engage the transverse abdominals, which basically means the deepest set of muscles you have in your lower belly.” 

        Strengthen and sculpt the abs? I was in. I decided to give the Pilates 100 a shot. Surely it couldn’t be that hard, I thought. I, who held the record of sit-ups performed on the Army physical fitness test for my company? No ab exercise would defeat me. I put on some music and gave it a shot.

        Here’s what happened. Try not to laugh.

    Pilates 1-10:

        I got this. This is super easy. No issues here!

    Pilates 11 – 20:

        Hmm. Things are starting to hurt. Maybe I can see why these work.

    Pilates 21 – 30:


    Pilates 31 – 40:

      I hate this writing job. I hate Pilates. I hate everybody.

    Pilates 41 – 50:

       My dog came up and started to lick my face. She could sense my deep, inner pain.

    Pilates 51 – 60:

       My dog switched to sitting on my chest. I took a short break to move her. Don’t call it cheating; at that point my stomach was cramping so hard I thought I’d throw up.

    Pilates 61 – 70:

       I started dry heaving. If you don’t like reading, think about how unpleasant it was to actually do.

    Pilates 71:

       I called it quits. 

    Woot woot! 71 out of the Pilates Hundred!

    Now the big question: do the Pilates Hundred work? Well, probably. One set of exercises isn’t enough to give me rock-solid abs… unfortunately… but sustained effort is. “Pilates workouts are renowned for flattening and toning the midsection. The Pilates 100 is one of the most effective and challenging abdominal moves Joseph Pilates ever perfected,” says 

    So I’ll try again tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually get to 80 reps! 

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