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    HYPEFRESH Varsity Jackets Now Available For Pre-Order

    To celebrate HYPEFRESH, Inc.’s third year in the media business, the team’s official Staff jacket is now available for pre-order.

    2015 was the company’s “blessed” year, as the young media start-up exceeded expectations in readership, viewership and collaborations. “We were able to do the unthinkable,” says HYPEFRESH, Inc. CEO, DarnellClark ” Jones – who collaborated with Philadelphia graphic designer Bryant Meyers of Agera Prime for the brand’s official seal logo. “I’d like to think of these staff varsity jackets as God’s shield, protecting our team, leading us all on the right path to our destinies.”

    The sporty varsity coats feature a bold chenille letterman “H” on the right breast to reflect the company’s preppy logo. On the left breast, a distinct seal is featured, marked in latin reading “Sapientia, Intellectus, Scientiam – MMXV”, which decodes to “Wisdom, Understanding & Knowledge – 2015”. This phrase was sourced from the King James Bible, from the pages of Proverbs 4. A translucent bible sits in the middle of the seal, just above an ‘x’ and two periods, surrounded by greek leaf. While the company’s beloved “H” logo sits on top. High quality Faux White leather sleeves, and a wool foundation provide warmth to the body, while remaining stylish and cool.
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    The inspiration of our seal is from the wisdom of Proverbs,” says Clark. “I knew my team would need instructions to fall back on while navigating through the wickedness of the entertainment industry. And by doing so, we’ve been protected by the mercy of Christ, maintaining our content integrity – as well as upholding others too, as well.

    These jackets are hand made to order, and will be available throughout the remaining months of winter. If you want one for yourself, place your pre-order here. They’re going for $149 USD.

    For more info on placing an order, contact HYPEFRESH, Inc. CFO, Jerrell Carter for more details.

    [email protected] or [email protected] “ATTN: Jerrell”
    arsity Jackets Now Available For Pre-Order


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