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    HYPEFRESH® MUSIC PREMIERE: Kalimur – “Fighting For A Will”

    Kalimur Fighting-1
    Did you hear that? Sounds like a new band is just around the corner. Who, you ask?


    For those of you +HYPEFRESH readers out there who remember the artist/musician named Brett Steinberg – the genius that brought you the iTunes best selling LP, “Age Of Wonder”, is back. But this time, he’s got company. Grouped in trio form with the band Kalimur (Tyler Berkich, the bassist, and Alex Trouern-Trend, the guitarist), there’s a new sound in the air in 2015.

    Delivering their newest single “Fighting For A Will”, (2nd single from their upcoming debut LP “Ghosts We Used To Know”) which reminds the listener of the likes of Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and The Beatles, its no wonder why the hype has been buzzing around them. This record symbolizes that very moment when great things happen, without explanation. Their chemistry is definitely present.

    Of course, you got Brett Steinberg doing what he does best on the front end – croon. And in the midst of all the singing, this guy is making a lot of sense in what he’s saying. Inspiration at it’s finest, as his primary message throughout the track is simply “never give up, no matter what obstacles may come to pass.”

    And backing him musically is Kalimur, who does an amazing job at painting the picture sonically. Their sound is pitch tight, as well as being crisp and in unison. A wide band presence embodies their range as it clearly shows their understanding for frequencies and instrument placement. No doubts at all, this will sound amazing in your car.

    Props to the sound man as well, whoever you may be.

    All in all, this record brings you to complete oneness with self. It makes you think long and hard about ever giving up in anything. Why let go, when you can “Fight” to keep your will power? Besides, if you let circumstances get you down, where will you end up later? Even worse – now?
    +HYPEFRESH Magazine is always in support of dope independent music. This record right here is definitely one to add to the library collection. It’s not the typical, but more like the atypical kinda song that can inspire whenever defeat lurks above your confidence. It’s the moment when nothing else matters but winning, but you may be losing.

    Kalimur serves a purpose bigger than just music. Their redefining it’s application.

    Now, that’s powerful. Check out the track below, and share your thoughts at @forum_us on!

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