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We sat down with Power Star Joseph Sikora, better known as Tommy Egan from the Starz hit drama Power. Check out the transcribed version of the interview below.

Hello, everyone, this is PJ coming from Hypefresh I have a very special guest for you guys today He’s most notoriously known for his role as the passionate character Tommy Egan on Starz hit TV show power without further ado Joseph Sikora.

Whose idea was it for like the last six episodes to like have it all
revolved a 24-hour period around that one singular event?

That was Courtney Kemp our show’s creator um she was her designed to come up with that, so there were two co-showrunners for the final season power which was Courtney captain Gary London Who are both just extremely brilliant
storytellers/writers that came up with this idea of the movie the Rashomon
which is a film that takes place from five different points of views, so we’re seeing
the same event happen but from 5 different perspectives

What’s the craziest fan theory that you’ve heard as to who shot ghost?

Man there are so many crazy fan theories I think the one that keeps
coming up shows how much people don’t want the show to end and that’s that
Ghost is not dead that it was all a hallucination and I think that another
genius of Courtney is that there are consequences for actions, so I think that
ghost dying, because he has to kind of die right. it’s martyrdom in a lot
he died for the sins of his past and for his incredible and extreme narcissism on
where he was always so selfish and only cared about himself, and I think that
because his love was so ephemeral and so topical rather than deep that the
the character that you see that this character actually is it’s showing that he’s not invincible like we just saw in the last episode he doesn’t always win, but there are consequences for your actions

People have said in the past like Tommy is the people’s champ he’s very relatable as a character he’s also comic relief, but he’s also more like the emotional side how does it feel like being one of the lead actors were trained that role and given that perspective to the people?

It’s a real honor to be on a show that I think is such a quality show and be surrounded by such incredible actors like Naturi Naughton and Elizabeth Rodriguez and my god I could go on and on Omari Hardwick Lela Lauren but everybody is, so quality and then the storytelling is so great plus we have such a fantastic crew and then led by
Curtis 50-cent Jackson who was a marketing superstar it was really a machine that has proven itself to be tried and true

Sadly the show is coming to an end, what were some of your favorite moments a while working on set where you would like wow I’m really doing this right now I love this, and this is something I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life?

Well you know one specific moment comes through with I’m gonna cherish this I’m
you know real out-of-body experience there was a scene where ghosts and I are
in Long Island City looking at all of Manhattan we’re just sitting there and talking about what needs to be done taking care of Lobos so I guess that must have been season 3
and I was like oh my god look at new york look how beautiful this is, and I’m doing what I
love to do, what I’ve tried so hard for so many years to do as myself, and there was also
the Tommy Egan consciousness happening at the same time so I had to have these
two different consciousness thinking similar thoughts Like goddamn I love new york

What are some major differences between working on Ozark as opposed to working on the power set?

There are huge differences one of which is that in
power and I’m proud of the work I did in Ozark, and I love that show a huge
fan of that show Chris Mundy the showrunner of Ozark is a genius and very
I have a lot of pride from being in that show however I had very kind of short
period of time to make the character, the character is very small
and unlike Tommy, that’s a fully developed I’m not only on the page but
in my heart and have to ability to portray for so long. Frank jr in Ozark was a product a lot of what Jason Bateman wanted me to do and then also I had no influence at all over the
the trajectory of the character and the character was more a tool a means to an
the end for a bigger more established character on the show

Coming up in the acting game who were some of your influences or like people that you aspire to look up to as a kid being like when I get in acting I’m going to be just like?

There’s a lot of Chicago theater actors were huge on my mind Mike Nussbaum Michael Shannon who’s also you know huge actor and celebrity
who’s probably my favorite actor of all time like just watch him on anything and
I watch him on Broadway, or any movie that he’s in there was just a ton of
actors I think Denzel is a huge influence on me because he’s a guide to me that embodies an actor that has the capability of being a character actor but also transcends that into being the man that’s what I would love to be Sean Penn gets Biggs up Big Ups and in my
world and there’s just a million actors I could go on and on

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