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    HypeFresh Highlights Ciah From L.O.U.D’s Radio Press Junket

    HypeFresh’s interview quest at the L.O.U.D. Muzik press junket brings us to Ciah, an artist, model and entertainer. He is an independent artist right out of Houston, Texas.

    HypeFresh Magazine’s Mini Artist Highlight

    1. Who is Ciah?

    Ciah: That’s a great question. Ciah, I am a leader in my neighborhood, I’m known as the neighborhood hero. People look up to me in a way as, not so much about giving money, but giving time. I’m a better listener. People need people to listen to them. I’m a believer in Christ, I believe in God fully. I’m a family man, I think family is the most important thing on earth. An artist—I make music. Hate being called a rapper, I’m an artist. I try to touch every style. To express myself and the story of the people around me.

    2. What kind of artist are you?

    C: I’m a hip-hop artist, but I like to touch R&B, I’m working on country and jazz right now. I speak a little Spanish in one of my songs. So, I’m truly versatile when it comes to being an artist. That’s why I prefer to be called an artist, music is an art.

    3. What are your goals as far as the business?

    C: For a long time, I wanted to be mainstream. But, now my goal is just to be heard. To be the voice of the people who can’t be heard. I have songs about depression. A lot of the time, especially for men, depression isn’t talked about. Obviously to feed my family, but that’s everybody’s goal.

    More With Ciah

    4. Do you have any projects out right now?

    C: So, I actually changed my name. It was D.T.A, now it’s Ciah. I have a project under D.T.A called, Never Seen It Coming, and I have a few songs under Ciah. Working on my first studio album right now. Real quick story, I’m going to tell you why my name was that. So, D.T.A is devil turned angel. My grandmother’s passing reminded me of her calling me ‘devil’ when I was a child. I feel like I was her best friend.

    5. Do you want to remain an indie artist or do you want to cross over into the industry?

    C: Definitely Indie. That’s the way now. Artists like Russ is showing us that there is still success for Indie artists. The only deal I would sign now is a distribution deal, at this point. Besides that, I’m independent.

    6. Anything else you want to add?

    C: Follow me on all social media at @itsjustciah, I’m on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, all platforms under Ciah. If you want to hear some of my old music, its under D.T.A—I used to have a song called “Understand Me“. That is everybody’s favorite. Thank you and see y’all in the future.


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