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    HypeFresh Gets Personal with Chris La

    HypeFresh recently sat down with Chris La aka Chris Lane, an upcoming artist from Phoenix, Arizona. Check out the interview below to get more familiar.

    HF: Being from AZ, that symbolizes the west coast, after checking out your EP, I wouldn’t classify it as your typical “west coast sound”.. Describe your sound.

    CL: I don’t hold myself to just one sound. I like all kinds of music. I just do what I feel in that moment. I like having fun with it. I like creating something new with every beat I get. I’m a student of Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, and a little bit of Rock. I just like to create a variety of music. I guess that’s my sound.

    HF: What other artists inspire you? Who would you like to work with?

    CL: Capleton, Buju Bantan, Bob Marley, DPG, Wu-Tang, Ras Kass, Fugees, Busta Rhymes, Slick Rick, RUN DMC, Ice Cube. Those are just a few. I’m a student of music. I’m inspired by greatness. Well.. what I consider greatness. 

    HF: How did you link up with Dame Grease? Are there any other artists we can expect collaborations with?

    CL: We linked up through a mutual friend years ago! The moment he got to AZ we started working non-stop. Dame is a musical genius. He knows how to match the artist’s sound to the right beat. He knows how to create any kind of sound. His ear is crazy!
    C-Jenkz will be featured on the single “PUPPET” produced by Jaz-O.  Also, Ethyn Blew is on the song titled “Not Our War” produced by Dame Grease.

    HF: Describe the concept behind your new EP.. How long did it take to put together the project? Can you let our readers know your release date & where to find it?

    CL: The concept behind the album is focused on self awareness, self respect, and mental health. Wake up from this world of self destruction that’s going on internally. Be aware of what’s happening around you and how that’s really effecting you internally. Most of the songs for the album I had done years ago. Let’s say 3-8 years ago. But my studio was down for about a year because I was rebuilding it.  You can get “Snooze Button” on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify!

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