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    Hypefresh Exclusive: With Philly Artist Distortedd

    Hypefresh sat down with Philly Artist Distortedd for an exclusive interview during her Insta Pump Fury Release in Philly.

    Philly Artist Distortedd invited Hypefresh to do an exclusive interview during her Reebok Sneaker Launch. The sneaker is apart of Reebok’s “It’s a Man’s World” collection.

    HF was in attendance on January 17th, 2020, at Rec Philly in the city’s Fashion District to catch up with the artist and Philly representative. 

    After mingling with friends such as Chill Moody and Tierra whack, and fans from as far as New York, Distorted gave us a one on one sit down to answer a few questions.


    We discussed various topics including, her influences, what it was like working with Reebok, and what Philly means to her.

    What it means to be from Philly

    HF-Born and raised in Philadelphia, I know you spend a lot of time I know you were in DR (Dominican Republic) you were also in reading. But you’re also still Philly based despite the fact that you kind of reached greater heights is that like a concerted choice that you’ve made this sort of stay local because I know a lot of people like maybe once they achieved a level of success usually they gotta go to the entertainment hub New York or LA. And do you think Your upbringing here in any way inspired your artistry?

    Distortedd-yeah I live in LA right now um, but this is like where I started my art the graffiti style like I don’t know if you looked at my older pieces like I used to a lot like a graffiti-like stuff because I used to be around people that would do that all the time And I was inspired by it.

    I was like this is- yall are crazy yall really be climbing on stuff doing army I tried it for a little bit, and I was like mmm I don’t know, it’s risky, its basically a felony. It is. You’re breaking in places I was like I got a degree, I got a job. At that time I used to go to work, and you know that would be my pass time like when I have free time I will go hang out with my friends our skater friends and everybody and do crazy stuff like that I’m like let me stay at home and just make my art.

    Working with Reebok

    HF-Now, how did the Reebok shoot come about?

    Distortedd-For the Design, I worked with Chris, he was part of the design team at Reebok, And he had picked out a certain art piece that I had already did in the past We took out some things and changed it a few times And they had me redo it and start over and like we were at Reebok Headquarters from like early in the morning till late at night, but it was worth it


    HF-How many iterations of the designs did you go through before you settled on the one?

    Distortedd-There was a lot of changes, even after I left cause we didn’t have enough time I would spend two days there, so I had two days to redraw everything and organize it when I got home I had to like add little pieces its like, I don’t know if you noticed, but both sneakers are different, so we had to like you know, placement and all that stuff, designing the sneaker’s been hard

    Check out the full video above to see our complete discussion with Artist Distortedd.

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