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    Hxllywood, Soulja Boy & Kayla Nicole Throw A Party For “Sneaky Link 2.0”

    New star Hxllywood throws a party for undercover lovers all over the world with special guests Soulja Boy Tell’em and Kayla Nicole in the visual for the remix to his new hit, titled “Sneaky Link 2.0.” Stream it now via Run It Records, Hxllywood raps about being a perfect side-dude while Soulja Boy and Kayla share their respective sides of being in private affairs with their lovers. Hxllywood raps: “And I heard you got a man/ Hollywood don’t give a damn/ I make lil’ mama jam/ So, I know that you a fan.”

    Listen to the new single below.

    Shot by The Shooters. While Soulja Boy appears courtesy of SODMG Records and Kayla Nicole appears via own imprint, Hxllywood throws himself an extravagant pool party in, ironically, the Hollywood Hills packed with swimsuit-clad beauties as he raps about being an undercover lover. It’s a must-see visual to a smash hit.

    A lot of flash and star power as the first rapper to jump on the 2.0 version, Soulja raps: “Yo, thаt’ѕ thе onlу рlаn/ Саѕh out оn Bugаttі ѕhіrt оn Only Fans/ Веаt thе роt lіkе Peter Pan/ Ѕріn thе blосk thеn ѕріn аgаіn (okay, okay)/ Ѕhе turn аrоund lіkе сеіlіng fаn (ah, ah)/ І mаkе іt rаіn, M&Ms/ І am brеаkіn’ dоwn а brісk аgаіn/ Іn thе trар аnd I am whірріn’ mу wrіѕt аgаіn.”

    Hxllywood has been a wrecking ball since his arrival in 2017 with an astonishing 21.3 million streams to-date, which includes the success of previously released hits, like “Dussex,” “Toxic” and “I’m Ok.” The new music, popularity and big-name features are leading to the artist’s forthcoming album dropping 2022, a follow-up his 2020 EP, Lil Mama Music. Before the album, follow Hxllywood for new music and daily news on social media.

    Take a look at the visual to “Sneaky Link 2.0” below.


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