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    Human Trafficking: 5 Signs To Pay Close Attention To

    Human trafficking is at an all time high, raising awareness will keep both women and children safe. According to US News, human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business, meaning that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The horrifying reality is that as women become more cognitive of the dangers, traffickers are getting more clever. Thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, awareness is easy to distribute by the numbers. Incidents of kidnappings usually happen in larger cities like Tampa, New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC according to EasyLlama. Although those cities are on the hotlist, sex trafficking occurs in every state in America. Here are a few tips to help stay vigilant during these perilous times.

    5 Human Trafficking Signs To Look For

    1. Zip Ties. Back in August, a father posted a video of him finding a zip tie on his daughter’s car door for the third time. According to 12 News, police report that this is a tactic to alarm trafficker’s of vulnerable women. Pay attention to your cars, ladies!
    2. Friends. Meeting new friends is awesome; however, there are dangers that can come with new people. Sometimes, trafficker’s aren’t always the big scary men on the forefront. It can very well be that new, cool friend who you just met who will set you up, and hand you off.
    3. Strangers. Yes, strangers. Meaning peculiar old women asking for help, or a child seeming to be in distress. This also could look like someone trying to get you to smell a fragrance. These often come as distractions to lure you into danger. Watch out for your surroundings.
    4. Paper. Yes, paper. Paper on your windows or inside your door handle can be a tell-tale sign of trafficking. Last month, a woman posted a TikTok after almost being trafficked. Tissue paper inside her door handle containing poison led to her being rushed to the hospital. These substances incapacitate you, and then you are easy to take. Be mindful of this tactic!
    5. Vans. As stereotypical as it may seem, vans are waving red flags. Especially with sliding doors! If there is a van near your car, ask someone to walk with you. Or, to wait for the van to leave. Stay safe, ladies!

    If you know anyone who might be a victim, call 1-888-373-7888.


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