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    Huey V Reports Live From The Streets In “No Regrets” Video

    We’re going live from the ground with Huey V.

    Today, the buzzworthy new artist makes his presence felt nationwide reporting live from Milwaukee in the eye-opening release of the new visual, titled, “No Regrets”.

    The video finds Huey V showing us the other side of Milwaukee that isn’t shown on The Mighty Ducks film. The city is gritty alongside the freezing cold, it’s dangerous, it’s hungry and cut-throat. However, a diamond in the rough, “No Regret” is the first look at the untapped potential Milwaukee has to offer with a litter of undeniable new artists like Huey V.

    “Being from Milwaukee the hustle and pain is embedded in you,” he says. “The city isn’t often covered and the sound of Milwaukee is super underrated. There are a lot of solid artists from the city but not enough recognition like myself. The sound is reminiscent of Early Drill Chicago era, Detroit’s New Arising Street Rap, and The Bay’s western bounce.”

    Unlike most of today’s trending new artists, Huey V’s music isn’t just simplistically catchy, it’s intriguing. The new visual gives us an introspective look into the mind of the new star and the paranoia that haunts him. He explains:

    “Listen to the song… it’ll tell you how I really feel. Milwaukee is a war zone and I’m just maneuvering… with no regrets. Don’t trust my brothers, I Don’t even trust myself.”

    Who is Huey V? Your about to find out. The new video is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound Huey V fan. For everything on the new sensation, follow him daily on Instagram.

    “No Regrets” prepares fans for an explosive 2021 by the new sensation which includes the release of more new music and a forthcoming album under Memphis Bleek’s Warehouse/Roc Nation. Stream the new single today on all DSPs.

    “No Regret” is directed by KDS Visual.

    Watch “No Regrets” above.

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    Coming on the scene with a soulfully rigid sound, Milwaukee rapper HUEY V is a dive into the artist’s subconscious, exposing a harsh vulnerability that reflects on the darkest of thoughts. His first official mixtape, Get Well Soon (2018) released detailing a toxic story of self-doubt, grieve, depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, and violent relationships.

    With an ear to the streets and eye for music’s hottest talent, Memphis Bleek immediately signed Huey V to Warehouse Music Group in 2020. With poetic punchlines accompanied with melodic raps, HUEY V explores the realities of life in the midwest while celebrating the successes of making out the inner city blues. Now residing in Miami, his first single “No Regrets” truthfully speaks on what it took to make it out and though not always the right way he still has no regrets. “Don’t trust my brothers, I don’t even trust myself” showcases his lack of trust and possible misdirections in navigating through life by any means necessary.

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