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    How To Forgive, With Lyrical Analysis

    The Art of Forgiveness

    Forgiveness can be a challenge. Mary J. Blige admits in “Didn’t Mean” that “sometimes my pride gets in the way”. Toni Braxton’s mantra-esque lyrics of, “I forgive you/You’re forgiven” are a decent place to start for the demanding task.

    Forgiveness can be healing as well for perpetrators of violence who themselves are often first victims. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Bryson Tiller beg for forgiveness in “Forgive Me”; but songs like Leon Bridges’ “Forgive You” are a reminder that forgiveness is a gift for the self. “I forgive you though my friends tell me not to/I forgive you even when it’s so hard to.” However, forgiveness can still be seen as a flex in a fight or an argument. In fact, Chloe x Halle want the world to “best believe [they’ll] move on to better things” in track “Forgive Me”.

    Legendary Rappers Forgive

    2Chainz says, let’s pray for the Lord to forgive those who have wronged us in his deeply heartfelt track “Forgiven”, which features Marsha Ambrosius. Sometimes it isn’t easy to accept the injustice of the world.

    2Chainz relates with examples of his own pain and loss. “Somebody shot his son, he didn’t make it/My head achin’, hands shakin’.” Yet the rapper insists, “one of the biggest revenge is prayer.” Bobby Womack says, “Please forgive my heart/It’s not that the problem lies anywhere in there.”

    The “Forgive Me” remix of songs by 2Pac, Eminem, and Obie Trice is one of the greatest hip-hop melodies on the topic of “forgiveness” ever.

    Moreover, the lyricism of 2Pac’s “Dear Mama” highlights the late rapper’s exceptional passion for poetry. “There’s no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand/You are appreciated.” The lyrics to Obie Trice’s song “Don’t Come Down”, which is also sampled, echo a similar sentiment to “Dear Mama”, “I place no one above you.”

    Black Youngsta’s lyrics reflect that validating someone’s hurt can go a long way. “If I ever said a bad word to you/I apologize I admit it!”

    And K CAMP knows that self-forgiveness is the first step for those who wish to change their behavior. “The same mindset I had back then left me grievin’.”


    1. Excellent piece on forgiveness!
      “One of the biggest revenge is prayer,” So, ironically true!
      And I LOVE the show, “Grownish” and I had no idea that Chloe x Halle were singers as well!

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