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    How Smartphone Development Impacted Casino & Gambling Industry

    Anyone who has gambled in a physical casino establishment would agree that smartphone development has significantly impacted the casino industry. One of the most prominent developments is making casino games more accessible to people, but there’s so much more to it than that. Before romanticizing the idea, it would probably be best to acknowledge that the impact is not only positive. This article will highlight some of the effects of smartphone development on the casino and gambling industry.

    1. Smartphones make casino games more accessible.

    Many people do not know how hard it was for some people to access casinos in the past. If you go a little further into the history of gambling, you may be surprised to learn that gambling was almost totally illegal in the US in the early 1900s. Of course, as laws became less strict, more and more casino establishments were established. The government had to balance controlling what casinos could and could not do and allowing people to gamble.

    Up to date, many states in the US have not legalized statewide gambling. Except for Nevada, all other states have enacted gambling restrictions, such as setting geographic zones where casino-style gambling is legal and even choosing to allow some games and ban others.

    How have casinos become more accessible?

    Thanks to technology, it’s not a must for individuals to travel to a physical casino to play their favorite game. Simply log on to  Intertops mobile casino or any other casino application of your choice and start playing immediately. There are thousands of casino games available in app stores, and now more than ever, gamblers are spoilt for choice.

    Of course, participation always depends on the federal laws of the state you live in but generally, more people can access casinos at their fingertips compared to before.

    1. Smartphones are killing physical casinos.

    Smartphones and technology have encouraged many new casinos and casino companies to come up. As more and more people shift to online casinos and these casino providers continue to provide these players with high-quality and realistic gameplay opportunities, many people are choosing online casinos over physical casinos.

    The 2020 CoronaVirus outbreak saw the attendance of these casinos drop significantly more than in prior years, especially after the lockdown and banning of flights. For example, Las Vegas is still trying to go back to its pre-pandemic numbers even after the CDC lifted the Covid-19 restrictions.

    1. Does game quality affect the casino industry?

    Every year, we see the release of new smartphone devices, all with improved performance in nearly every single aspect. Cameras have become more high resolution, screen display is clearer than ever, processing power could rival some computers in the market, and more people are scrambling for the next ‘new and improved’ device.

    The devices allow people to play casino games on a scale that was not possible in the past. Casino companies are taking advantage of this improved technology to deliver to players high-quality games with better graphics, smoother gameplay, and improved performance. These improvements draw more people to casinos, which is a win for players and an even bigger win for casinos.

    1. Has mobile payment had any impact on the casino industry?

    There is no doubt that the increase in mobile banking and mobile payment opportunities has positively impacted the casino industry. Look at it this way; there’s the fact that people do not need to physically go into a casino with cash to buy chips to play with. Then there’s the fact that many people who have access to smartphones have access to their money in the bank on their phones. What’s to stop these people from depositing money from their banks into casinos to play.

    Casinos have also seen this connection and have made withdrawal and deposit steps straightforward for everyone. It is now common to find someone downloading a casino application, depositing, and beginning to play all on the same day.

    1. How is VR technology changing the casino industry?

    One of the biggest deterrents to the growth of the online casino industry is the fact that, in most cases, playing an online casino game on your screen does not seem real. Yet, VR (Virtual Reality) technology can easily change all that. With some big brand smartphone applications allowing users to connect virtual reality headsets, it will be possible for players to get a 3D feel of the casino without being physically present.

    Couple this with live gameplay, live dealing, and allowed communication between players, and many more players may move away from physical casinos altogether.

    1. Benefits of improved communication

    Nowadays, casinos have multiple communication channels available to their customers, most of which are accessible on smart devices and almost instant. It’s not uncommon for casinos to have chatbots, allow communication in certain messaging apps, use email and allow calls. All of these actions can be performed on a player’s mobile device. This means that players can communicate their problems easily, have them resolved, and go back to playing.

    This improved response time means that casinos can serve more players while concurrently improving their service provision, which helps attract even more players and retain older players.


    Thanks to smartphones and their improved technology, the casino and gambling industry has made huge strides in the right direction. Of course, there are still some things that need to be ironed out and more improvements to be made, but the future is bright as long as mobile developers and casinos continue improving their products and services.


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