How Obama has acknowledged Hip Hop during his presidency

How Obama has acknowledged Hip

Having an African American president is one thing, but having an African American president who acknowledges hip hop and rappers is another. Within these 8 years of Obama being president of the United States, he’s had a few rappers in the White House with him to either perform or do something big such as opening the State of The Union Address, like DMV rapper Wale. Recently, Kendrick Lamar performed at the White House for the 4th of July and last year Obama stated that How Much A Dollar Cost by Kendrick was his favorite song of 2015!

Now Jay Z who is actually pretty close friends with Obama, has songs on Obama’s iPod (which of course the president admitted). In 2013 during the White House correspondence dinner, Obama stated “I’ve got 99 problems and Jay Z is one” after Hov rapped in Open Letter that he had clearance from the White House to go.

Back in April, the president had a list of rappers in the White House to discuss criminal justice. J. Cole was one and dressed very comfortably wearing sweatpants (of course the media gave him hell for it). Rick Ross was another, and his ankle bracelet went off during the event and he was given hell for it too by the media.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Barack Obama is in fact a hip hop head, so don’t sleep on him when it comes to rap. Maybe he’ll have another event before his time is up with more hip hop artists involved, who knows.


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