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    Houston’s Anita Sets The Mood With “Spend the Night”

    If you know a thing or two about Houston, TX, you are aware that they produce plenty of dope artists for the masses to enjoy. Sure, they have an advantage due to the sheer size of the city. But you can’t deny that H-Town is lacking when it comes to cultivating and nurturing talent. I could go all-day naming artists who have made an impact from Houston. One artist from there who’s recently caught my attention has to be Anita.

    Houston Made

    The Houston native truly lives and breathes music. Her passion for music dates back to her earlier childhood. As she experienced life more, it opened the doors for her songwriting to grow to another level. That’s why I believe her newest release, “Spend the Night” might be her best offering yet.

    Produced by Ricci, you will pick up that the beat has some serious bounce to it. It does a good job of catching your attention so that Anita can deliver her message. Why did I say deliver? Because it’s more like a declaration of affection. Her vocals will sweep you away. If Ariana Grande’s voice had more flavor and spice, this is what it would sound like.

    Writing From The Soul

    I also have to throw in that her songwriting is superb. As seductive and sensual as the matter of the song is, she does it in a manner that isn’t in poor taste. The song doesn’t even have any profanity. It truly feels like a song that doesn’t have to cross the line to get its point across. That takes skill and high knowledge in artistry to accomplish, which are qualities Anita showed flashes of on this track.

    If you aren’t treating your lover right, you better tighten up. Because someone might mess around and listen to this persuasive song and get inspired to take your lover. And it’s all because someone hit them with the simple words of “Spend the Night”.

    Be sure to follow Anita on Instagram.


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