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    Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Won’t Face Charges, What’s Next?

    Late this week, Texas prosecutor announces Houston Texans Deshaun Watson won’t be facing any criminal charges following lawsuits filed by 22 women, reported Sarah Barshop for ESPN .  He allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior and sexual assault against these women. Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, released a statement this week.

    “Now that the criminal investigations have been completed, we are happy to move forward with the civil case depositions. We will vigorously defend those cases with every ounce we have.”

    Watson’s NFL career going forward can now move forward and he can potentially escape the grasp of the Houston Texans. They have had troubles in the past; however, trade talks halted due to Watson’s legal issues. Now that the lawsuits have been lifted, he must still be investigated and interviewed by the NFL. Then he will be set free for good.

    It seems his biggest possible landing spots are the Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, and the Miami Dolphins.

    What does Deshaun Watson’s NFL future look like?

    Watson is currently under investigation by the NFL. They seem to be following all things related to the case very closely. As matter of fact, an NFL spokesman released a statement this past Friday, “We have been monitoring all developments in the matter.”

    While Watson will not face any criminal charges this doesn’t mean that the NFL won’t suspend him. The investigation and interview will play a huge part in the outcome between the NFL and Watson’s future.

    Last season, during the criminal investigation NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell opted to not restrict Watson from team activities, per ESPN. However, Watson refused to take part in team activities, although, he performed in a few individual reps during the Texans training camp. Watson remains on their active roster meaning he collects, $10.54 million base salaries all season, per sources.

    Will the Texans trade Watson?

    There’s no secret Watson has been ready to move from Houston. Houston has been open to trading Watson after he came out publicly about his frustrations with the direction the franchise was heading. Previously, Watson has openly discussed waiving his trade clause for the Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately, the Dolphins general manager Chris Greer said “the door is shut on Deshaun.”

    If any trade takes place, many believe it would be before the NFL Draft. It only makes sense because of the potential in draft capital they may receive for Watson.


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