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    Houston Rapper Sauce Walka Lives For Danger

    When it comes to celebrities, sometimes they like to go the extra mile just to go viral. This week, Houston rapper Sauce Walka visited a live volcano eruption in Hawaii. The emcee recorded a video of himself standing at a distance from the volcano eruption and had the nerve to brag about being the first to ever do so. Honestly, no one is competing with Sauce Walka on trying his luck with a natural disaster.

    He Can Have That Win

    Soulja Boy often enjoys taking credit for everything involving rap and HipHop music. However, he won’t be in a hurry to compete for the “world’s first rapper to stand next to a volcano.” As mentioned before, Houston rapper Sauce Walka bragged about being the first emcee to come face to face with the dark side of Mother Nature.

    Furthermore, the star posted a nighttime video of himself overlooking Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, known to residents as the largest active volcano. For the first time in 38 years, the volcano became active this week. In the video, viewers can see hot, boiling lava spewing everywhere in the sky. Fortunately, the Houston rapper isn’t anywhere within reaching distance of the erupting volcano. Honestly, he can have that “win.”

    The Rapper Had To See It to Believe It

    Moreover, Sauce Walka admitted that he flew all the way out to Hawaii just to see the event. The guy says he lives for danger and is basically an adrenaline junkie. Walka wanted to see the inferno up close and personal. Though, he would’ve been better off just buying a 4k HD tv to see the “magic” of an erupting volcano.



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