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    Horror Movies That Killed Off Their Black Characters (SPOILERS!)

    It might not be Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your favorite Black actresses a chance to shine in your eyes! For all actors in a horror movie, their characters’ lives are on the line! I love horror movies because they remind me of how safe I actually am! Check out this list of the top 5 recent horror movies that killed off their Black characters.

    1. Spell

    This death scene will leave your head spinning! The drama is wild. The acting from Loretta Devine is amazing.

    2. X

    Kid Cudi slays in X. However, he also gets slaid! Check out Kid Cudi’s death scene the next time you watch 2022’s X!

    3. Nope

    2022’s Nope is definitely a horror movie! A death occurs very early into this movie’s runtime. It is a scary sign of what is to come later!

    4. Midsommar

    Josh is one of the only characters invited to join in with the rituals of the cult who is actually curious about the group’s customs! Unfortunately for him, it is strongly implied that the cult in this 2019 flick has a racial bias for those of European descent! Josh’s quest for knowledge leads to his untimely death in this clip!

    5. The Transfiguration

    This 2016 film is not for the faint of heart! A troubled young man begins to dabble in vampirism. His homicidal tendencies eventually get him into trouble with the local street gang. Check out this song from the ending credits!



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