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    Hong Kong Makes a Move to Ban Face Masks in Protest

    Face mask-wearing protesters in Hong Kong are putting up a strong fight against their local Chinese government, but the government is hitting back.

    After months of protests, the Chinese government is getting fed up with demonstrators wearing masks, so they’ve decided to place a strict ban against the face wear. The only issue is that banning face masks wouldn’t help protect protesters from tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and water cannons used by police. They go along with the helmets, goggles, and respirators commonly used.

    Not to mention, the masks help hide the identity of those fighting for a change.

    However, the government believes that by placing restrictions on what people can wear, it will work to slow down the protestors.

    According to pro-Beijing legislator Elizabeth Quat, it’s never been a more necessary law than it is now.

    “If we had the law … then this would have a deterrent effect on some people. We are not talking about peaceful protesters. We are talking about people who use illegal violence.”

    The government fears that the protests in HK will only continue to grow more out of hand, as they fight for liberty, freedom, and democracy. So far countless individuals have been hurt, some nearly killed. One secondary school student was recently shot in the chest. And on Tuesday, police used more tear gas and water cannons than they ever used in a single day, reports Aljazeera.

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    Featured Image Credit: aljazeera

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