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    H&M x Balmain: Was it Worth The Hype?

    It’s three days later and in case you missed it, the chaos surrounding the Balmain x H&M collection has officially died and all have returned to their respective jobs and city apartments. And, hopefully, they traded that uncivilized behavior for bags of luxe clothing. Yes, the collection was stunning, but we should be asking was it worth the chaos?

    My answer is a stern….yes! Okay, here me out. Based on the clothing, it was worth a bit of madness. You will never find anything close to that quality for retail price (just check out his website and you’ll get my drift). The detailing was spectacular and the craftsmanship was stellar, so kudos to the Balmain team! Job well done.

    However, the uncivilized behavior that was displayed on Thursday took away the beauty of the clothing. The craziness overshadowed the inspiration, creativity and hard-work behind the collection. It was too much. It was like feeding time at the zoo. Morals, respect and dignity were all left on the sidewalk as they rushed the store. It could have been controlled, peaceful and sane. But the appreciation was diluted because of the mayhem.

    So next collaboration, let’s act civilized and celebrate the designer and his team. If that’s too much to ask, stay home.


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