HLZBLZ x 40’s & Shorties “Trainspotting” Collection 15′


Continuing the HLZBLZ 10 Year Anniversary Retrospective is the 40s & Shorties x HLZBLZ collaboration capsule ‘Trainspotting.’ In celebration of the birth of HLZBLZ ten years ago and in conjunction with brands and artists considered to be friends and family, the collection is both an acknowledgment of the past and a glimpse of the future.

Its no secret that the HLZBLZ and 40s & Shorties brands share a relationship so close to each other that family may not even be the right word. Reminiscent of boxcar runaways, the people behind these brands would ride to the ends of the Earth for each other, engaging in all sorts of debauchery along the way.

Featuring t-shirts and socks donning the bold and playful graphic language both brands are notorious for, this capsule is a direct reflection of the cheeky sense of humor shared by HLZBLZ and 40s & Shorties. Graphics include bootleg-esque playboy bunnies, witty wordplay and obvious sexual innuendos, while the silhouettes offered suggest a unisex approach.

Thriving on the fact that neither brand plays by the rules, ‘Trainspotting,’ is an effortless blend of two worlds vastly different in origin but relentlessly rebellious in nature.
Like what you see? Go buy this new collection here.Credits:

Art Direction + Styling: Misslawn | Photography: Bam


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