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    HLZBLZ “Give Em Hellz” Orange Calderón Mix

    HLZBLZ is back with another mixtape, and although summer may be coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the good vibes have to stop.

    Orange Calderón says goodbye to summer and hello to fall with the “Give Em Hellz” Mix.

    “HLZBLZ is such a fierce brand! I was very eager to do the collab when the team first bounced the idea off me a couple months ago. I’ve been a fan, and patron since I first discovered the line back in my high school years via Houston, TX. The girls that work for HLZ know who they are. They’re stylish, hardworking and unapologetically bold. With the mix I wanted to do a million different things, and go in a million different directions; because no one genre or artist really encompasses what I think a ‘Hellz Belle’ is or feels on any give day.

    This sonic journey is a reflection of what I think it means to be the kinda gal that rocks HLZBLZ – Smooth and vibey, cool and sexy; but at any given second that energy can swing and things can get rowdy and turnt up…then effortlessly float back in to a chill space before you even recognized a switch. Easy.”

    “Give Em Hellz” is compiled with several hits from Drake


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