HIPHOP: K.eYe.D, Psychedelics (Official Video)

K eYe D Psychedelics

Just a few months after delivering the deluxe edition of his Thelonious Martin co-produced project VBRNTWVES project, Virginia artist K.eYe.D unloads the official visual from the critically acclaimed collections of sounds. In “Psychedelics” the young emcee helps bring his audience to the next destination on their sonic ride on the wves.

K.eYe.D on the visual:

“Welcome to the world some people keep forbidden. All our lives we’ve been told what is good and evil but don’t understand that they both blend in with each other or each realm I should say. Most people believe the magic mushroom is for euphoric purposes and that is mostly true. But they don’t know that it was actually used by the Mayans and Aztecs during ceremonial sacrifice. Some famous people you may know that used psychedelics were Jim Morrison of the Doors and Hunter S. Thompson (creator of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’). The US used to test both LSD as well as Magic Mushrooms fora purpose of mind control. What came out of that was an opening for those test patients. 9 of 10 patients said that it was the best thing to ever happen to them. Look at some of the biggest stars. They’ve all dabbled in psychedelics at one point in time. All I ask is that you see my vision…then make your decision based on visual outlook.”

With the bleakness that surrounds the mind, let the psychedelics just clear up your perspective with a dash of color and controlled hazes to continue the never ending dialogue one would have with themselves, which K.eYe.D explores daily.

And honestly, we value this effort from the talented recording artist. Take a trip to the unknown, vicariously through the mind of K.eYe.D. A huge shoutout to Jay Gregory, as he put his best forward. Exceptional job, we must add.


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