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    Hip-Hop Songs And How They Express The Psychology of Love

    Created by marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman, “love languages” describe the different ways people express and make sense of love. They are quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. Find out your love language with this online quiz. Then read on to see if your favorite hip-hop lyricist has the same love language you do!

    1. Chance the Rapper and Noname are Found by Physical Touch

    “Lose yourself in my room/And find yourself in my grip,” Chance the Rapper commands on “Lost”. The chorus repeats his loving pleas, “My druggy, when I’m ugly, hug me/When I’m bummy, scummy, I’m your hubby/Let’s get lost, let’s get lost.” Noname’s feature reminds the listener of the need for self-love and self-acceptance. “I wanna stop seeing my psychiatrist/She said, ‘Pill pop, baby girl,’ ‘cause I promise you, you tweaked.”

    2. Wale Says, “Just Spoil That Girl” with Gifts

    In “Spoiled” Wale raps, “She love that Saint Laurent, it’s never too much/She love Ferragam’, but she really fearin’ love.” Black love can be aesthetically associated with luxury brands. Buying gifts for someone is an expression of adoration and appreciation.

    3. Physical Touch for the First Time

    J. Cole’s narrator worries his crush will realize the reason why he is so nervous to have sex with her is because it is his first time having sex in “Wet Dreamz”. “Hadn’t been in p*ssy since the day I came out one/But, she don’t know that.” What happens next may be the sweetest exchange ever in hip-hop.

    She says, “I wanna get something off my mental/I can tell you a pro, but baby, be gentle ‘cause/’Cause I ain’t never did this before no.”

    4. 2Pac Said Break Down How You Want It

    “How do you want it?/How do you feel?” 2Pac addresses and seeks to understand his love’s desires. He knows that they can then communicate physically.

    5. Doja Cat Affirms Her Chosen Hubby 

    Doja Cat shares how she feels her and her partner are “real life made for each other!” Speaking highly of your love to show your appreciation and love is so hip-hop. “’Cause you’re a one in a million/There ain’t no man like you!”

    6. “All I Want Is You” by Mac Miller is an Anthem of Affirmation

    “I hope you know that I could have any girl I choose, but I know as time goes by/Baby, all I’m gonna want is you.” He chose her, and he is letting her know about it with a hip-hop song. How romantic?

    7. MF Doom Said “Keep your Hoes in Check!”

    MF DOOM showcases two different love languages with the same verse in “Hoe Cakes”. The line also suggests a better way for boyfriends to treat their girlfriends. He said, “Do for her, keep her in a new fur.”

    Surprised by your results? Does your favorite rapper express love in the same language as you do? Remember love languages can overlap, and we can all use multiple languages to say, “I love you!”


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