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    Hip Hop Songs About Texts And Phone Calls

    Hip hop Songs about Phone Calls

    Rap has seen several technological shifts. From landlines to mobile phones, rappers have managed to adapt to the various modes of communication. Here are some hip hop songs about conversing by phone. The lyrics and visuals demonstrate various chats.

    I’m In The Zone

    Words matter. “Mama told me I’m her brightest star!” Even mumble rappers talk on the phone.

    Men Lie, Women Lie

    Sometimes the only one who’s really there for your best interests is your mama. This song is about a prisoner calling his mother, and begging her for help. “Mama, just get back at me this last time!”

    Long Days, Longer Nights

    According to, Mac Miller said that “Missed Calls” is all about “the struggle” of having a relationship as a performer. Mac Miller himself said that it’s about communication. Have you ever had a talk like the one depicted with these exasperated lyrics? “Tell you I ain’t comin’ home tonight!”

    Killin’ Me

    Cardi B is referencing real-life violence with her historical lyrics, You gon’ turn me into Left Eye!” To make matters worse, this isn’t Cardi B’s only song about infidelity. Texts are a red flag in this Cardi B bop.

    See You Later On

    It hurts when you want to be with someone, but you can’t. Luckily, cell phones are basically mandatory. “I wanna get with you tonight/But I cannot, baby girl, and that’s the issue!”

     Leave Me ‘Lone confirms this track was a Valentine’s Gift for the heartbroken of 2021. Nothing says “it’s over!” quite like braggin’ about what you’re purchasing for the next chick. “I’ma Fendi and Dior her!” Ouch.

    Trina, Close Your Eyes

    Sometimes you want to be closer to someone who is too far away. “It’s not a fantasy, but it’s phone sex!” Tell ’em!

     Hello? What’s The Deal? Bet

    “Think I need two more!” The gift of gab is strong with Kevin Gates. Will he ever have enough phones? He has plenty already!

    F*ck The Re-up Up On

    Probably the only way most rappers get any quiet time is if they turn their phones off. “You can’t imagine the trenches!” Let it ring, star.

    What do you think about these hip hop songs about phone calls? Do you love talking on the phone? Or, do you wish people would leave you alone? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


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