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    Hip Hop Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Haqqymuufitness Launches New Reality Bootcamp Show

    Hip Hop Celebrity Fitness Trainer Haqqymuu & UmmahCorp Films will be filming a new fitness boot camp reality series called Haqqymuufitness Reality Boot camp. The reality show is set to be filmed in Newark, NJ.

    The Biggest Loser Meets Intervention:

    Fitness Trainer


    Haqqymuufitness will be hosting a casting call on September 3, 2020 from 3pm to 6pm. He will interview and challenge his contestants to see if they got what it takes to be selected and featured on his brand-new reality fitness show #Haqqymuufitness.

    The contestants selected will be living in a dorm setting environment and each day they will have to endure a Haqqymuufitness challenge. Each contestant will either have the opportunity to stay in the house or be eliminated based upon their level of intensity and or fan approval via votes.

    Only the physically and neurally strong will survive Haqqymuufitness’ 50 Challenges. Throughout the series, there will be special guest appearances and judges for the show. The line up of special cast and judges for the show will be: Mama Jones ” Mother of The House “; Guest just Caesar of Black Ink ; House manager Larry & many more!

    Stay tuned for more information on Haqqymuufitness fitness boot camp reality show coming soon!

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