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Hilarious customer video: Drive-thru trolling at Sonic…Watch Now!

hilarious customer video drive thru sonic

Hilarious customer video of a hungry drive-thru Sonic snacker who decides to have fun with the operator of the restaurant.

Let us say this! We’d not condone this behavior in any way… because they are in the back MAKING your food!  Definitely not a smart choice, however, let this serve as entertainment for laughs.


The young man in the video is Deandre Morgan, a probation officer, who was filmed by his friend Waynan Lee, a tech support. The two are just having fun and meant no harm in the jokes they played in good spirit.

Simply put – just hilarious times.

Source: CatersNews

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Poker Player Locked in Bathroom for a $100,000 Bet

A professional poker player locks himself in darkness, loneliness, and shit-smells...all for a bet.

A professional poker player locks himself in darkness, loneliness, and shit-smells…all for a bet.

This best describes this man’s time right now. As of November 21, poker player Rich Alati locked himself in a Vegas bathroom for a $100,000 wager, shutting him off from sunlight and society until Christmas time. Aussie Rory Young, friend, and fellow poker player created this bet as a way to test Alati’s mental toughness.

No electronics, music, communication, or drugs are allowed during his stint in the joint. It’s just him, alone in a dark room with whatever thoughts that are running through his head.

Although the family has tried to talk him out of the wager, he wasn’t having any of it. However, they can watch a live stream of Alati to monitor his personal safety.  All they can do now is wait till the jingle bells begin ringing.

What do you think? Would you accept this bet? How long do you think you’d last? Tell us in the comments below!

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