High School Girls Spell The “N-Word” On Their T-Shirts

High School Girls Spell

We’re guessing these girls thought it was funny to spell out the N-Word on their T-Shirts on senior picture day at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Ariz.

According to the The Arizona Republic, one student told them a larger group of seniors had shown up to school with letters on them spelling “BEST YOU’VE EVER SEEN CLASS OF 2016″. However, this group of girls figured, “lets spell out a racial slur instead.”

Haha…. The jokes on them now.

Of course as expected, parents started flipping shit when they heard the news. The pic was shared locally on social media, then it went viral worldwide.

“The students will be disciplined in accordance with district policy and while we don’t discuss specific discipline I can tell you that will be addressing the obvious need for sensitivity training in this case,” a school district official told ABC15.

Who knows what the sorority they’re trying to join in college… But if this was a pre-requisite, they better start apologizing real soon.

Source:The Arizona Republic


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