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    HF: Top Five Philly Things To Say!!!!

    The City of Brotherly Love, home of the Philadelphia Eagles, cheesesteaks, Ben Franklin, and the Rocky Steps. Philadelphia is a very, shall we say, a unique city. Philadelphians are always evolving and are coming up with new ways of communicating with one another. The people here are not afraid to say anything to your face. Also, they will hold the door open for you at Wawa, quickly after they stole your parking spot. Here are the top five Philly things to say.

    Notable Mentions

    It is necessary to include some notable mentions before beginning the list. “Dilly-Dilly” was made famous from the 2017 Bud Light SuperBowl commercials but has recently declined. “Young Bull” is a heavily used phrase in Philadelphia, used for referring to a younger male. “Wiz Wit/Without” is used for ordering a cheesesteak, the Wiz is the cheese, and the with/without is referring to if you want fried onions or not.

    • “Dilly-Dilly”
    • Young Bull
    • Wiz Wit/ Without

    Top Five Philly Things To Say

    #5 “Tryna’ Go-To Wawa”

    Tryna Go-To Wawa
    This phrase is known to be heard mainly in a time of need.

    For this reason, whenever someone is hungry or thirsty, or in need of general merchandise, such as bread or cigarettes. After all, Wawa is a place that will fulfill most of the Philadelphian’s needs. “Tryna’ Go-To Wawa” can be used as a question, as a sentence, in a sentence, or as an answer.

    “Tryna’ Go-To Wawa?”

    “Nah I’m cool, I gotta stop spending money there.”

    “Yo! What are you getting to eat?”

    “I’m tryna go-to Wawa.”

    #4 “Ard Bet”

    Five Philly Things To Say-2
    Philadelphians will say this phrase to let people know they understand. Most commonly, “Ard Bet” is used as a sentence as itself. “Ard Bet” can be used both aggressively or passively. Interesting side note: “Ard” and “Bet” can both be used as their own separate words that have the same definition.

    “Yo, I got us those Sixers tickets. You owe me $50.”

    “Ard Bet.”

    #3 “Yer.”


    In the beautiful city of Philadelphia, the word or phrase “Yer” a common one. Philadelphians use the word “Yer” to greet strangers or friends. Depending on the situation, Philadelphians yell the word “Yer” or say it casually.




    “Yeeer, did you get my text?”

    #2 “Go Birds!”

    Five Philly Things To Say-3jpg
    In 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles won SuperBowl LII, bringing a whole new life to the phrase “Go Birds!”. This common saying amongst Philadelphians means to support the Philadelphia Eagles, the “Birds.” The phrase “Go Birds” carries a positive message behind it, like a “Have a Good Day” meaning. On the contrary, if you are unfortunate or bold enough to come across a Philadelphian in Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots merchandise, consequently, the phrase “Go Birds” will be one with a message of hostility and aggressiveness.

    “Go Birds!”

    “Hell yeah! Go Birds!”

    “Oh, I am a Patriots fan, Tom Bra-“


    #1 “Jawn.”

    Five Philly Things
    “Jawn” is by far the most used word in the Philadelphian vocabulary, and for a good reason. “Jawn” is an incredibly flexible word, with nearly unlimited meanings. Philadelphians use this word to describe anything from a sticky note to a 2014 Toyota Corolla to a bag of Hot Takis. Philadelphian’s often will say “Jawn” to refer to a particular item; it is essential to realize, the word applies to all things. Philadelphians also use the word “Jawn” to describe an attractive person.

    “Bro. Can you pass me that jawn?”

    “Naw, you still owe me $50.”

    “Yoo! Did you see her?”

    “Yeah, bro, she’s a bad jawn for real.”

    If you have any words or phrases, you think I have left out of the Top Five Philly things to say,  leave a comment!


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