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    Meet H.E.R: Our Favorite Mysterious Songstress With A Voice & Sound That Is Clear As Day

    These days, “mystery” singers are everywhere. But the ones that last are far and few in between. H.E.R is one of them. With the likes of Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, Jhene Aiko and PARTYNEXTDOOR, H.E.R’s mysterious demeanor has carved a lane for her talent to foster with a unique style of her own. Her somber and self titled EP, Volume 1 is pure magic. While artists opt for the grander and mainstream appeal, H.E.R is authentically focused on the sound. You can only judge the music. And to be frank, nothing else should matter. She croons over atmospheric fused trap and R&B production with ease. Centered around heartbreak, love and relationships, her voice is refreshing. While her true identity is unknown, the project is downright genius. It’s void of the gimmicks. It’s only music. Just her voice and we are here for it. Listen above and comment below.


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