Here’s Why Sage Guillory is on HYPEFRESH’s Art Radar

Why Sage Guillory

It was around 1 a.m when I first discovered Sage Guillory. At first glance, I was perplexed but mainly intrigued at the complex artistic perspective of the Atlanta native whose unforgettable Greek and Egyptian methodology inspired pieces are able to stop you in your tracks. His work is transporting in nature, as the viewer is taken to new visual heights and dimensions that are unparalleled to modern artists. His work is whimsical and unapologetic, which is why we present his ‘rework’ pieces to you all today.

Sage began his journey at an early age. So early in fact that art has always been with him. By the age of five, his doodles evolved into a craft, with meticulous detailing like muscle groups, knuckles, and eye bags while his counterparts were still learning to trace their letters. Fast forward and Sage has honed his skills to develop an artistic language that is profound and downright inspiring.

The magic is his overactive imagination. In a recent interview with Cozy Mag, Sage mentioned his creative process as “really simple…I don’t look at anything to get inspired. True art is just a stream of consciousness.” And it is this stream of consciousness that is so exciting to witness. Almost like he is connected to the universe channeling the energies and conveying intricate, timeless art pieces to the masses.

A specific series that we love involves Sage transforming images from OFF-WHITE and Gucci campaigns into art. Fueled by his whimsical and imaginative nature, each image conveys an emotion, reminiscent of cartoon graphic effects but with a sophisticated perspective. We are huge fans of his work and we cannot wait to see more of him in the near future! Check out the pics above and be sure to experience the full art catalog of Sage Guillory here.


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