Here’s The Top 8 Strains Or Hybrids You Never Know You Need Until Now

Strains Or Hybrids You Never

According to researchers and cannabis enthusiasts, there’s eight strains or hybrids of marijuana that can be considered the best, or that you would be content with if you had to pull one out of the bag.

After talking with artists, tastemakers, marijuana consumers and we’ve concluded that hybrid strains are the result of marijuana consumption in a non traditional way. For example, a cupcake, dubbed an edible.
Strains Or Hybrids You Never-1
Slutever‘s Rachel Gagliardi kicked off the top 8 rankings with a hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies. Additionally, she said she likes to listen to Radio Afrique after consuming her marijuana.

“I prefer hybrids so I get the best of both worlds,” Gagliardi said. “I love Girl Scout Cookies, it smells sweet and helps me relax.”

Coming in at no. 7, Rapper Antwon said he prefers a strand dubbed “Green Crack.”

“Smoking weed, I feel less stressed out and a lot happier…I always come up with the craziest cadences and phrases when writing music, the weed helps,” Antwon explained.

Artist Jade De LaFleur checked in at no. 6 with classic strand “Blue Dream.”

Blue Dream is my favorite because every time I’ve had it it’s been super pleasurable and super mellow.”

Additionally, LaFleur has wrote about his experiences with Blue Dream, most notably in his single “You Know I’m Down”. Currently, his hair is blue as well.
Nothing‘s Domenic Palermo at no. 5 said the best weed he’s ever smoked was Amnesia Haze. Palermo said he likes to listen to Sun City Girls LPs while under the influence.

“A friend had some and we chain smoked joints, and it literally had no ceiling,” Palermo said. “Just got more high every time until I literally thought I was gonna die.”

Half way home, Kehlani, and her cheese hybrid, was ranked at no. 4. She said she smokes every hour, and feels good opposed to sleepy and lazy. While under the influence, she enjoys listening to her DJ friends, most notable Super Duper Brick.

Following Kehlani, rapper Waka Flocka Flame came in at no. 3 trying to sell us on a bubble gum, and cookie combination (Next, please!)
“It’s like a cross between Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies,” Flame said to the fader. “It’s serious. It’s so (freaking) serious. If I had that everyday? Work would never be conducted.”

After that, writer Mira Gonzalez was deemed second place with super lemon haze though she prefers indicas.

“Super lemon haze would be something I would smoke in a social situation probably,” Gonzalez stated.”The other day I smoked super lemon haze and danced to one direction for like 2 hours.”
Finally, artist Tiara Thomas was crowned with having the best-of-eight strains, or hybrids with sour diesel. Additionally, she said she likes to smoke Blue Dream while inside the studio.

“I don’t like chilling when I’m high,” Thomas said to the fader. “I like to chill, but I like to be able to operate in my day to day.”

What strain do you think is the best? Is it ranked? Let us know, we might just create a list of our top five.


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