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    The New And Improved 1st Class For British Airways

    Here ye, here ye. Take a closer look at the future of first class travel.

    British design company Forpeople, have designed the newly launched First-Class suite and cabin, on British Airways‘ new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The interior, which looks similar to that of an expensive vehicle, will suit any ones taste while flying. I mean, this sure does beat ‘coach’ class, in our opinion.

    Abigail Comber, British Airway’s Head of Customer, stated:

    “We first linked up with Forpeople in 2005 to develop the new First class cabin, product and service design that we launched in 2010. They have such an impressive heritage in high-end automotive, technology, environment and luxury design that, combined with their experience working so closely with us for over ten years, has translated beautifully to the new cabins for the -9.”

    Rightfully so in doing this. Check out these pics below and witness what money can buy you in First Class.


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