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    Hélas Summer 2020 Drop Out Now

    New Hélas Summer 2020 Release

    The latest Hélas drop just came out. Hélas Caps is a French brand that was started by the talented skateboarder Lucas Puig. Initially, the brand focused on hats but has since expanded to selling a range of clothing. Some of the clothing can give off a Palace Skateboards type vibe, which isn’t a bad thing and makes sense since Puig rides for Palace.

    (Check out this HypeFresh article for a review of the upcoming Palace drop tomorrow)

    Check Out the Hélas Caps Merch

    The Hélas Summer 2020 drop includes a range of fresh apparel. There are casual items such as t-shirts and pajamas as well as more formal and stylish clothing including button-downs and collard shirts.

    Some of my favorite items from the recent drop include the more formal attire. A lot of button-downs and collard shirts, in general, strike me as plain or boring, but the ones featured in the Hélas Summer 2020 drop have clean designs. Even if you prefer comfort they have options for that. The hoodies in this release are another solid option to choose from.

    Final Thoughts

    Lucas Puig has been in the skate scene for two decades now. He has always brought a fresh approach to skateboarding and has been able to carry over that same approach to his brand Hélas Caps. The latest release of clothing isn’t my favorite drop from the brand, but still offers quality options. I’m a big fan of the jackets that the brand offers and would definitely suggest checking them out.

    What do you guys think of the Hélas Summer 2020 drop though?

    Are you more into the casual or formal apparel? Which piece of apparel was your favorite and why? And what other brands like Hélas Caps do you enjoy?


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