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    Hear Mike Classic’s Latest Release, “Woosah”

    Take a listen to the latest track from up-and-coming rapper and singer Mike Classic, “Woosah.” With production from kAui, the song is an eclectic blend of R&B and trap. Hear it below:

    Mike Classic, a New York born artist, generated a buzz in the music scene when he released the song “Lowkey” back in March. The track featured Classic rapping and singing, showcasing his versatility. Five months later, “Woosah” is him continuing to build on that duality he has honed for years.

    “Whether you’re the woman who is a little too hard on herself,” Classic said to describe “Woosah,” “or the woman who is shy in the midst of things she ain’t used to, ‘Woosah’ is the record to help you dial down the day’s stresses. Relax, take it easy – you don’t have to do it alone.”

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