Have You Listened To “Zooted” Yet? It’s Badass!

Have You Listened To Zooted

Rising artists Darren Peralta x Ghoulavelli x WARHOL.SS all team up for the catchy and hypnotic single “Zooted”.

Previously debuting on the Soundcloud of Daily Chiefers, this record is a TRAPGOD’s anthem. Boasting about the cars, money, and hitting thots, “Zooted” is a strong mark on the board for Darren Peralta x Ghoulavelli x WARHOL.SS. 

When we listen to records we look for that “banger” attribute that gives the certified green light to dump on 10 in any car. In terms of blasting it? It’s an 11  if your car can go over 10 in volume. Darren Peralta x Ghoulavelli x WARHOL.SS do a great job in being creatively liberal on the record in their own unique fashion while maintaining an industry standard of sound in current mainstream Hip-Hop.

We encourage you to get “Zooted” and let this one air out and leave your comments below. What’re your thoughts on this track?




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