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    Hasbro Has Released Old Episodes Of G.I. Joe To Watch

    Yo Joe!

    If you’re in the house and watched everything on your list, then how about watching something that will give you a nostalgic feeling.

    Your favorite secret arm forces are back to defeat “Cobra”. Hasbro has decided to release the original G.I. Joe series to help your stay at home cozy. They have released 15 of the shows top episodes (my opinion) to help make your stay at home comfortable. Check out the list below.

    G.I. Joe 15 episodes:

    G.I. Joe was able to have many series after the original and also produce two movies. This entertainment franchise is a legend in its own right. Yo Joe!

    If you’re a Hasbro’s Joes and want to watch, well enjoy. Or if you want to show your kids what a good cartoon looks like, then make sure to check out this mini-marathon on YouTube.


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