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    Harvey Weinstein Settlement Is Nothing Less Than A Joke…$44 Million?

    It looks like Harvey Weinstein will be opening up his wallet, and writing a fat check.

    Harvey Weinstein’s legal counsel and entertainment company have finally reached a deal. The deal will settle the various civil suits previously brought against him. At the moment the deal isn’t done finalizing, and surely it seems as though he got off easy. Several different women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct.

    Harvey Weinstein $44 Million

    His counsel is proposing a settlement would range in the amount of $44 million. The numbers are reflecting from a bankruptcy court located in Delaware. Above all, the $30 million of the settlement will go to the plaintiffs, who have accused by Weinstein and his company employees. In addition, it will also cover the legal fees of the plaintiffs.

    Furthermore, the outstanding $14 million will be allocated to paying out his employee’s personal legal fees regarding the matter. That of which will also include board members who were deemed defendants in the civil suit. Overall despite the amount awarded, it surely isn’t hurting the movie mogul pockets at all.

    “Harvey Weinstein hasn’t paid a dime towards damages incurred by victims,” the source said. “A significant amount of this proposed settlement would be going right back into Harvey and Bob’s pockets, instead of remunerating victims.”

    Do you think Harvey Weinstein $44 million settlement offer is fair regarding what the plaintiffs went through? Should he have paid more? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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