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    Harvard Debate Team Loses to Eastern NY Correctional Facility’s Team

    Harvard’s debate team suffered a big loss from New York’s Correctional Facility’s debate team, which was a shock to most since Harvard has one of the best debate teams.

    Harvard Debate-1

    The NY correctional facility started their debate team back in 2014 at The University of Vermont and at West Point. They were able to beat both of those teams and then lost in a rematch against West Point. The debate lasted for an hour.

    At the end of the hour, all three judges without a doubt picked the prisoners. What made this debate a good one, was the fact that the prisoners had no access to the internet. They had to go through their prison officials if they needed any information. According to Complex, the judges had rules and standard to go off of.

    These prisoners are the living proof, that it is not always about a degree of education or a GPA. Do not let the system fool you.

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