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    Halle Berry Reveals Her “Weirdest Sex Requests”

    Fans love knowing just about every facet of their favorite celebrity’s lives. Even learning about their personal love lives becomes an interesting topic of discussion. Recently, Halle Berry revealed the weirdest sex requests she’s received from a lover. Throughout all the interviews, it seems like we know everything there is to know. Though, celebrities like Halle Berry us surprise everytime.

                Halle Berry Has Received Weird Sex Requests From Lovers

    weirdest sex
    via Complex

    While celebrities have received weird requests from fans before, there’s a limit. While promoting her newest film Bruised, Berry did an interview with two rappers featured off the film’s soundtrack. Rather than asking questions about the film, they instead focused on Halle Berry’s sex life.

    Furthermore, the 55-year-old was asked by Big Latto what’s the weirdest sex request she’s ever received from a lover. Berry then asked if she could detail the “nastiest” sex request she’s ever had instead. Moreover, the Catwoman actress revealed that a lover once asked to give her a “golden shower.” Of course, the 55-year-old actress told the guy “this isn’t a porno, it’s real life.” In return, Big Latto coincided with Berry’s statement. In fact, she even stated that she’d kick the man out of the bedroom. Pretty sure several women would’ve had the same reaction.

                         The Actress Loves Making Out

    weirdest sex
    via Jammin 105.7

    When it came time for Halle Berry to reveal her weird sexual turn on, she didn’t hold back. In a second interview with Young M.A, the Bruised actress hinted at the fact that she loves making out. Specifically speaking, the actress revealed “sucking on tongues” while making out as her weird sexual turn-on. Young M.A assured Berry that it’s not weird at all. Arguably, that’s not the most unusual act of love between couples. If anything, Halle Berry kept things pretty innocent with her big reveal.


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