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    The half-Pakistani & half-Bosnian young lady stares down the irate EDL leader during protest.

    During the EDL protest in Birmingham on April 8th, which was claimed to be a response to the Westminster attack and other Islamic terrorism acts, Saffiyah Khan stepped in when over 20 EDL supporters ran over, surrounding a Muslim woman wearing a hijab after she shouted out, “racist”.

    Reported by the Mirror, Khan said, “”I was there with a few friends to look after people – because Muslims and people of color are often abused”

    According to Khan, she initially waited two or three minutes for the police to diffuse the situation, but they did nothing. At that point, she felt obligated to step in before EDL leader, Ian Crossland and his 20+ supporters as a means to get the Muslim woman out of the EDL huddle.

    “Ian Crossland was poking his finger in my face, but I just stood there. I didn’t do anything, I wasn’t interested, that wasn’t my intention,” Khan says.

    “I couldn’t understand what was being said though to be honest, it was all very mumbled.

    “But I wasn’t scared in the slightest. I stay pretty calm in these situations. I knew they were trying to provoke me, but I wasn’t going to be provoked.”

    Khan mentioned that she wasn’t a political activist and that she was in fact trying to keep a low profile, but she was determined to stand up for what was right and protect the hijab wearing woman who was ambushed by a swarm of EDL protesters.

    While the police then decided to get involved by pulling Khan out, the iconic, brave and heroic young lady says, “I have lost my anonymity because of the picture, but on balance it was worth it,” she says. “I have probably been profiled by them now and I have to take one for the team.”


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