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    Hackers Actually Help The Government Catch Criminals!!!

    Hackers aren’t all bad after all even though everything they do is Illegal!!!

    Hacking is one of the most frowned upon practices in the world. In recent years it’s become more popular. As Hackers have been broken into big companies’ computers and stole data.

    Facebook, British airways, and T-mobile are just a few of the companies that got hacked in 2018.

    For some millennials hacking is considered cool and a way to introduce a little trouble to a corrupt system. All across social media, you can see memes asking hackers to take action against student loan giant Sallie Mae. An action that the writer believes wouldn’t be great if someone could pull it off.

    A Hacker group recently put their powers to good use by tipping off a reporter about a major sex trafficking ring.

    The Government Catch Criminals

    In an article on Journalist Zach Whitaker shared a recent experience he had that helped stop some child sexual abuse.

    Whitaker stated that he was contacted in 2017 by a hacker group.

    about a dark web site “running a massive child sexual exploitation operation”.

    As a journalist, Whitaker has to verify his sources before reporting.  A task that was impossible to do.  Because by doing so he would be willingly looking at child abuse/pornography. An act that is illegal in the United States.

    Furthermore, if the said site did contain the content is was reported to. The journalist had to question whether or not reporting on it would be in the best interest of actually catching the bad guy. Whitiker and his then publisher opted not to report on the story.

    However, another problem arose for the hacker group revelation. Now that Whitaker has the information, is he morally responsible to report it?

    Journalists as expected to just report the news in the most unbias way possible. Even more, the expectation is to do so in such a way that allows sources to remain anonymous. A task that would prove to be quite difficult.

    After talking with another Journalist, Whitaker ultimately decided to go to the cops. He reached out to the FBI and gave the information he received.

    It took some years to find out if the dark web site was taken down. This week the journalist finally got confirmation.

    Although it may not have been directly related to the information he provided. Several government agencies worked together and shut the site down. Over 300 arrests were made including two government officials. Over 20 children were saved from current abuse situations

    Whether or not the hackers’ tip led to the win is not that important. The fact they were willing to cross enemy lines is something worth of credit in itself. It proves that not all Hackers are that bad.  If the government worked with them instead of against great thing could happen.

    What do you guys think about the government getting help for hackers?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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    Featured Image Credit: Wired

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