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    Guys, Sephora is for us too

    If you are dating, then you have probably been to Sephora with your girlfriend or lady friend more than once or twice.

    You know what I mean. She drags you into the store, to look at makeup and other products that you have absolutely no clue about. And if you are like most guys, then you may have wandered into the (very small) men’s section of the store. And it is in this very corner where you feel like you belong.

    Sephora offers a great selection of men’s cologne, skin care, bathing products and shaving essentials. The first time I went was in Hollywood, California. It was awesome! I purchased the travel size (plane limit) bottle of L‘Homme by YSL. My best friend loved the smell and so did I. It’s androgynous and earthy, great for a date or chill night at the bar with friends.

    And your journey doesn’t have to end there. Pick up some body wash and shaving supplies. But if we’re talking cologne, you cannot go wrong with L’Homme by YSL, Dior Suavage, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne and Dark Rebel by John Varvatos. I promise that your lady friend will appreciate it.

    So guys, lets step it up this fall and smell like we care.

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