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    Guns and Trauma, Another senseless act of violence


    Yesterday in Duncan, Oklahoma three people were killed as a gunman opened fire outside a Walmart today.  The victims were a woman and two men. The gunman was among the victims.  The shooter took his own life after being held by a citizen carrying a firearm. police have no motive for the murders at this time.

    Cops believe that it was a crime of passion. The female victim was the estranged wife of the shooter and the male victim was her boyfriend. The deaths caused public schools to go into lockdown. Scaring parents and nearby residents. However, after a few hours officers lifted the emergency lockdown.

    The Oklahoma Walmart shooting is the 19th mass shooting in the month of November.

    Just 24 hours before ten people were injured and  4 people were murdered in Fresno California and 24 hours before that 5 people were killed in San Diego California. The scene outside the Oklahoma Walmart was captured by helicopters. A body was seen lying in a blood puddle under a sheet. police officers and investigators blocked the parking lot off. As they marked the shell casings and took photographs of a bullet-riddled red Toyota Camry.

    Walmart has yet to respond to the situation with a comment as the situation is still developing.

    Guns and Trauma Another-2

    As the fight over gun rights wages. We continue to see random acts of senseless violence affect communities throughout the united states.  Furthermore no person, corporation, politician or entertainer is immune. Such as the recent murder of a New York police officer to the murder charges of Tevin Biles’s brother of gymnast Simone Biles.

    However, as gun violence spreads from city to city. Politicians seem to be using these deaths as talking points in hopes to gain more votes. Yet the biggest question is what will America do to stem these random outbursts of violence?

    However, no gun safety measure nor bill can stop the psychological destruction coupled with random emotional trauma. No one knows when these acts of violence will happen, because no one knows whats in the minds of a human until it is seen through their actions. The best way to prevent random chaos born from emotional trauma is to build a better society by creating a moral social fabric.

    What do you guys think about this gun issue? Will it be fixed with stricter gun laws or will it continue to be an issue?

    Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know your opinions on this matter.


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