Gucci Tackles Racial Diversity With Affirmative Action

Gucci Tackles Racial Diversity

Gucci is one of the  world’s most renowned and acknowledged fashion houses, but it also one of the least culturally diverse when enlisting models of different races and cultural backgrounds. With criticism of fashion’s blatant lack of diversity mounting, Gucci is stepping up to push for a move towards inclusiveness by releasing audition videos for its Pre-Fall 2017 campaign featuring a cast of entirely black models.
Gucci Tackles Racial Diversity 1
According to sources, the campaign aims “to give a voice to people of color in fashion and breakdown the believed beauty standards of society through clothes.” But inclusivity means representing every walk of life, not just white and black or the occasional middle eastern or Asian model. Inclusivity is not a synonym for affirmative action and to be frank, this campaign is quite offensive and it promotes the idea that black Americans are welcome to participate in high fashion only when the social climate is chaotic or in opposition to their lifestyles. Thus this move is a reaction to the social climate instead of dictating cultural diversity in the face of against naysayers. Nice move, but show me every race, sexual orientation, gender pronoun, height and weight represented and we can call it cultural diversity. Until then, this is just another ploy to deceive the masses. And it might be working.

Check out some of the campaigns videos below.


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