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    Gucci Mane Almost Signed Rapper B.G’s Imposter For $1 Million

    Since being released from prison, Gucci Mane has turned his life around for the better. The rapper is barely recognizable these days and we have to say, the new look suits him. He’s done everything from dropping great tracks to even starting his own record label 1017.

    Additionally, he’s signed a couple of big-name artists. In one of his latest attempts, Gucci Mane almost signed the legendary emcee B.G to his record label for a $1 million upon his release from federal prison. However, the man recently released from jail turned out to be B.G’s doppelganger. Talk about a case of mistaken identity.

       The Rapper Offers A Warm Welcome Home To B.G

    Earlier this month, Gucci Mane dropped one artist from his record label’s rooster and now he’s looking for new candidates. Recently, the rapper took to Twitter to offer a warm welcome home to Cash Money’s former emcee B.G, after word spread about his early release from jail.

    Furthermore, rumors started to circulate that the former Hot Boys member had already been let out from prison. The speculation was supposedly confirmed after a video of a man who resembled B.G celebrating his freedom went viral.

                Gucci Mane Almost Gives A Stranger $1 Million

    However, a closer look at the video by skeptics revealed that the inmate wasn’t B.G at all. Unfortunately, Gucci Mane didn’t find that out until after he posted his offer to pay to $1 million to sign B.G’s imposter.  Mane has since deleted the tweet and his generous offer. Clearly, he should’ve paid closer attention to the video himself.




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