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    Gucci Faces Backlash for $800 “Indy Full Turban” Headpiece

    Gucci is the queen of cultural appropriation!

    You would think Gucci learned their lesson after they apologized and withdrew a sweater that featured a design that many thought looked like blackface. Gucci proceeds to continue to appropriate with selling a pre-wrapped turban that went for $800. The headwrap first debuted at Milan Fashion Week in February 2018. The turban sold out on Nordstrom’s website. The product was originally worn by white models at Gucci’s fall 2018 runway. But, it appears to have been removed due to criticism from the Sikh community.

    Sikh restaurateur and social media influencer, Harjinder Singh Kukreja, also went viral after tweeting at the brand:

    Earlier this year, the Italian brand took attack over a controversial sweater. Gucci apologized and withdrew the balaclava sweater. It featured a black turtleneck with big red cut-out lip, and social media users compared it to blackface. The sweater was retailing for $890. Last December, luxury brand Prada also stopped selling a $550 keychain following criticism that it invoked racist imagery.

    Have any thoughts towards these high-end brands? Is it art or is it truly racism? Leave your thoughts below!

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    Featured Image Credit: Huff Post

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